Instant Payments: Webinar

Watch this webinar Avoid the common pitfalls of instant payment installations, if you are interested in knowing how to implement a well-planned transition to instant payments that can leave a legacy of business value.

Following the success of our Implementing Instant Payments: Insights from Early Adopters research, Icon have produced this webinar that will provide you with a practical and strategic approach to your instant payments implementation. It will show you that instant payments is a feasible proposition for everyone and does not require endless budgets or a massive headcount for successful implementation.

 Watch this webinar to understand:
  • How you can overcome the challenges involved and leverage the business opportunities created by instant payments.
  • A review of the different technological solutions available and the preferred options.
  • How to avoid the trap of escalating costs.
  • How to build a flexible solution which futureproofs for the consumer demands of tomorrow.

The webinar was moderated by Mark McMurtrie – Editor, InstaPay.Today, with guest speakers Leo Lipis from Lipis Advisors and Tom HayIcon’s Head of Payments.