Creating responsive solutions

Architectural Leadership

Creating an IT framework that will support business growth should be straightforward. However, any bank that builds new foundations must first navigate the rocky ground of legacy technology.

Icon’s approach provides a safe and simple methodology for getting started, whether from the ground up or working either partially or fully with the historical IT architecture. We understand that the value of any change must be maximised while any risk must be mitigated. Architecture’s contribution to the business – whether measured via key performance indicators, its contribution to business goals or increased technology efficiency – should be quantifiable. We can identify technology solutions that can solve business problems, without disrupting the business. Icon’s architects are from highly technical backgrounds yet their real-world experience sets them apart in their understanding how specific business lines function. Our core approach is to deliver reliable, long-term solutions that allow a bank to grow and adapt to future changes. We believe there are fundamentally three key architectural roles: solution architecture, business and change architecture, and data architecture.